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Stunt Driving Course Prices

Drivers East High Performance Stunt Driving School

Our stunt driving school was formed to train new stunt drivers, seasoned stunt veterans & thrill seekers who need not only to slide a car, but to be able to hit a mark consistently and safely.

This was the first stunt driving school of its kind in the North East. It has enabled students to be instructed in a well-structured and controlled environment, avoiding the pitfalls of parking lot trial and error with a rental car.

We do offer private lessons for individuals, groups and corporate events.

Please inquire or call (800) 803-3992

Level 1: Two Day Course

Costs: $2275

The school is a 2 day course; 4 students max per class. All students have their own car, which is provided by us. You do not need to bring a vehicle for class. Dates will be set throughout the season. First come, first served. You can not be scheduled until we have received your deposit. ($1,000.00)

Day 1: Agenda

  • Braking to a Mark
  • 4 Wheel Braking
  • Threshold Braking
  • Proximity Work
  • Grid Work
  • Forward Slalom
  • Sliding to a Mark
  • Forward 180 Left/Right
  • Forward 90 Left/Right


Day 2: Agenda

  • Review
  • High Speed Lane Changes
  • High Speed Lane Changes with E-Brake
  • Team Competition
  • Sliding to a Mark
  • 180’s Left/Right
  • Box 90’s Left/Right to Mark
  • Reverse 180’s
  • Skid Turn (Fish Tails)

Advanced Training

Costs: Inquire

Students who have mastered our level one training would be considered for our Advanced Training Course.

Please contact us for the Advanced Training Course.

Refresher Course

Costs: $695

1/2 Day Refresher or practice for an upcoming car stunt. We can customize your course for your special needs.