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Frequently asked questions for Drivers East High Performance Stunt Driving School

We receive a lot of questions at Drivers East about the school and becoming a stunt driver in general. The following should answer mostly all of them. Please read this first and if you have a question that is not explained here feel free to contact us.

There are 4 requirements to attend a Drivers East course:

  • 18 years of age minimum.
  • A valid driver’s license for all attendees.
  • Alcohol & substance free the days of class.
  • The ability to listen & follow directions.

If you meet the above requirements, please read on.

We keep the class sizes small, 3 to 4 people; level 1 or level 2 course. If you are other than an individual looking to attend a class we can make special arrangements. If you are a large group we provide the needs for your group per your requirements. If you have a friend(s) or relative(s) or your own group of 3 to 4 people that you would like to attend class with, we can accommodate you as well. We also offer private lessons and gift certificates.

The two day class runs consecutively. There are no exceptions to this. Each class day usually runs about 7 to 8 hrs depending on the group. Class dates will be set throughout the season which usually runs from April to November, weather permitting. First come, first served. You cannot be scheduled for a class until we have received your deposit of $1000.00. We take deposits all year round.

All students have their own vehicle which is provided by us. You do not need to bring a vehicle. We mostly use ex police vehicles with automatic transmissions. We have both front wheel drive and rear wheel drive vehicles. There are restroom facilities and water on the premises. We break each day for lunch for about an hour than we are right back into class. Appropriate attire is required. No boots or non-driving type footwear. Good, comfortable sneakers work best. Transportation to and from class is the student’s responsibility. Once you have sent your deposit and are scheduled & confirmed (by phone) with specific class dates, you are 100% committed to that class. Failure to show up to class will result in a loss of all of your money.

Stunt Driving for a career
There is different advice on how to become a stunt driver/stunt person. There are also a lot of different paths on how to get into the stunt field. The following are some very basic things that you need to do. Some of the first initial steps are to compose a resume with your skill set as well as a quality headshot of yourself. Then you need to obtain your SAG (Screen Actors Guild) and AFTRA (American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) cards. This is no easy task in itself. Look up both of these websites for the details on how to join. When you accomplish getting into the unions a stunt driver/stunt person still has to earn a good reputation. There is no short cut for this. It takes time, trust, skill, proving yourself over and over again and more TIME. Another thing is that if you just want to do "stunt driving" you are going to limit the amount you work. If you are athletic or hold any type of other skills, (fighting, sports, gymnastics, swimming & etc) market them & yourself because there are a lot of productions that do not require any stunt driving.

When it comes to the driving school, the explanation we give is this. We do not guarantee any type of work after attending the course. This is not to say that you will not get work, but there is no guarantee. We do send you a completion card with your name & dates that you attended the course if you pass & complete it.

Another great example we always use is: if you go to a martial artist & they teach you 4 kicks & 4 punches in 2 days would you consider yourself a martial artist? Of course you wouldn't. It is the same thing with being a stunt driver. For those of us doing this as a career, it is our life’s work. A great comment that we heard/use is that I am a 30 year overnight success.

I am not trying to overwhelm or discourage you at all, but want to give you some of the facts. Only you know what you are prepared to do or sacrifice to get into this line of work. With all of that said we would be glad to have you in class. I hope all this information helps. Good Luck and be safe.

Our Best Always

Mike Burke
Roy Farfel

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