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Jack McLaughlin


Jack McLaughlin

Professional Driver

Jack McLaughlin has been working in the motion picture industry since 1983 as a stuntman and stunt coordinator. Prior to that, he had been working as an auto mechanic since 1968, and was fortunate to have been mentored by race car builders and fabricators. His knowledge of mechanics has made him a very valuable asset to many productions over the years. He started racing cars in SCCA SoloII back in the mid 70’s and continued competing in the Ice Series under the same rules. During the later part of the decade, he began to compete in Motorcycle races, starting with Moto-Cross/Enduros, and moving into Roadracing. He is still active in Autocross competition at present. Jack worked extensively with Insert Cars for many years, and holds a commercial drivers license for tractor trailer, bus, and motorcycle. He specializes in tracking vehicles which include a fully rigged Stedi-Cam ATV, and Moto-Cam, a high speed sidecar camera platform. After 24 plus years in the film industry, Jack has been fortunate to have worked with top name directors and producers in all areas, including Commercials, Film, TV, Music Videos and Print. His work has him in front of the cameras as well as working behind them.

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