Drivers East Stunt Driving SChool

Drivers East High Performance Stunt Driving School in NJ is one of the premier stunt driving school and training facilities in the United States. It was formed to train new Stunt Drivers, seasoned veterans and the thrill seeker just looking to try something new and fun.  You will learn how to slide a car, plus you will be able to hit a mark consistently and safely.  This is the original stunt driving school in the North East–the first of its kind. For years it has enabled students to be instructed in a well-structured and controlled environment, avoiding the pitfalls of parking lot trial and error with a rental car. Drivers East provides front wheel drive and rear wheel drive vehicles.


All of our instructors are current stunt drivers, stuntmen, and stunt coordinators. They are ready to teach you how to drive like a professional.

Small Classes

With only 4 students in each class you can rest assured you are receiving personalized attention and will get the most out of the stunt driving class.

Behind the Wheel

The majority of your time will be spent behind the wheel. The best way to learn is to practice. You will spend 80+ percent of the time doing the stunts!


Drivers East will provide an exciting and fun-filled learning experience that you will remember for a lifetime.

Corporate & Special Events

Team Building & Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

Call today for more information or to book your corporate event or private party with Drivers East Stunt Driving School.

See what people are saying!

This was an awesome experience.  Mike makes sure to get your adrenaline pumping with the 180's and slides! What makes this course stand out is how much time I was in the car.  Highly recommend to anyone looking for a great time with knowledgeable instructors!

Jared Jorgensen
Lake Hopatcong, NJ

Mike/Roy: I cannot thank you enough for such an incredibly exciting experience at your school this past weekend. I fulfilled a life-long dream and not only came away with a vast amount of knowledge but the great satisfaction and affirmation of my belief in myself now knowing, not just thinking, that I had the skills to keep up with the pros and keep up with whatever you could throw at me. Even though I am not in the movie or television business you treated me the same as my classmates who were. I hope that when you are berating your pro students in the future you will do so by telling them that a 60 year old lawyer was able to keep up with pros half his age. And, that he passed the finals in a "big boy" car. With any luck I will be back again as I would love to share the experience with my 22 year old son, who, like me, just flat out loves to drive.

Timothy Hott

Mike and Roy are extremely knowledgeable professionals. They have a very clear style of teaching which is surprising for men who are completely insane. I never enjoyed myself more while learning so much. I highly recommend them.

Dam Ferrara

Hi Mike. Just got your letter today. Thanks again! I learned loads in your class and feel much stronger in Stunt Driving. I definitely will continue to practice and hopefully use the skills on set someday. Hey, I was filming The Other Guy a couple of weeks ago and they were doing a driving stunt. They did a 90 left. It was awesome to know that I could have done that. You weren't kidding about junk cars either. They had a car that they shot up and when the stunt guy turned the car, you could see that the front axle was not in the best shape. He did a test run the first time, did a 180 the second time, e brake didn't engage the third time, and nailed it the fourth time. It was so cool to watch and know what was going on (thanks to you and your terrific team). I asked the P.A. and she said that most of the stunt work was being filmed up in Albany. Oh, wanted to ask you a question. It had been raining and the rain had stopped. The stunt coordinator pulled out a couple of blow torches and they started drying parts of the street. Why would they do that if it's better to have wet pavement to skid? Anyway, thanks again. Roy and your school rocks and I have been highly recommending it to others who are interested. Thanks Again,

Amanda Fugate-Moss

Roy and Mike, I had a great time last week at the driving school. I got to practice all those things I always want to do but don't want to get arrested. Especially the reverse 180. Thanks for the first rate instruction and the inter activeness of the class. Now I understand why you max out each class at 4 students. We each got plenty of attention to our own styles and questions. I feel I've learned a lot. Hope to see (or work with) you guys again soon! Tell Greg and Kevin I said thanks a lot. They had great attitudes, were dedicated and we all appreciated the effort they put in as well. Will pass on the good word.

Matt Grathwohl

Dear Drivers East, Thanks again for the class guys. It was awesome! Over the two day class it is amazing how much seat time and instruction you guys pack in. Your teaching was effective, clear, and fun! The skills I learned in your class have already proven to be very effective in practical stunt applications. I would recommend this class to anyone that wants to become a better driver, has an interest in stunt driving, and experienced stunt drivers/stunt performers looking to take there skills to the next level. I am already looking forward to a refresher course!!! Please let me know when you guys are going to schedule one.

Triple X Vex

Mike & Roy, I just got your note with my card in the mail...thanks for having that made up. I also wanted to thank you for all the effort put into teaching the really was incredible. The way in which you broke down the step by step techniques, both at the table and in the car for each maneuver was so helpful in the practical aspect of actually performing them, and the constant feedback after each and every run made it so much clearer when having to make corrections and trying to achieve consistency. It was great meeting you both, and hopefully I'll see you on set someday soon!

Jenifer Toriero

Hey Mike and Roy, I apologize for writing this so late, but I just wanted to write to thank you for the amazing time I had. Not once did I feel the smile go off my face during the entire 2 days. Everything we did exceeded my expectations. Understanding how the car shifts weight, and handles in these situations has made me a better driver. Again, cant thank you guys enough for great time.

Nick Altomare

Roy, What's going on? I want to thank you for an awesome and educational two day at Drivers East. It definitely opened my eyes to a new love interest. Funny enough, upon leaving the second day I was pulled over on the Garden State. For what...."Driving too SLOW". Amazing huh. No ticket, no worries. Thanks again! All the Best

Joey Giambattista

Mike and Roy, Thanks for the great Level 1 course that I attended last weekend. Having been a police officer the last 15 yrs, and stunt car driver for the last 3, I thought I kind of knew how to drive a car. After completing your 2 day course the only thing that I really knew how to do, properly anyway, was how to make the car go forward and reverse. The amount of information and instruction that I received from the two of you was incredible. I can now do box 90’s, reverse and forward 180’s and a host of other driving maneuvers. I was so impressed with the level of instruction and professionalism that I recommended to my driving team coordinator that every member of the team needs to take and successfully pass this course. Any stunt car driver without this type of training is nothing more than a daredevil. I am looking forward to taking the Level 2 course in the near future. Take care and keep up the good work

Chad Knor

Just took the 2-day basic course at Driver's East. It's in NJ run by Roy Farfel and Mike Burke. My husband and I had a blast and learned a lot. Roy and Mike work hard maintaining the cars during lunch and after hours to compensate for the abuse we put them through and to keep it safe. I never felt unsafe. If you've got the time and the money, I recommend it!

Caroline Feldschuh

Gentlemen, Thanks for the class, can't believe how hard you guys worked. Great job, it all was very cool, I really learned a lot. I'm an old jock and it was weird doing something physical and not naturally being pretty good at it right away. Sorry if I might have looked too serious, I was really getting into it what ever we were working on. I know you guys gave me enough basics that I should be able to get everything we worked on down by putting in the time at home. That in my book is seriously good teaching. You dudes were real patient with this old knucklehead. Had a blast. Thanks,

Stu Feldschuh

Hey Guys, I just wanted to thank you again for a great class. I had a really good time and it really paid of for me. I had to shoot a Mustang commercial the following week and guess who showed up...Money Shot solky! Ha ha! You guys made it so easy for me to be confident on the set. I had to do a shot where I came in HOT and then had to threshold break dead center inches from the camera. Thanks to you both I nailed it the first time. They wanted to try the trick you told me about by setting up the shot and then shooting it in reverse, but I told them I was comfortable driving straight up to the camera. They were a little nervous but were very happy when I hit the mark exactly. Thanks for turning me into One Take/Money Shot Solky as you called it. I look forward to working with you both again in the near future. See you on the streets.

Erik Solk

I had the opportunity to take Drivers East High Performance driving class, and was very happy with the 2 days of instruction. Getting a better understanding of the physical nature of a car, and the techniques involved, improved my driving confidence 100%. Top that with plenty of seat time, and it was well worth the investment. 

John Copeman

Dear Roy and Mike, Thank you for the incredible experience last week at the driving course. I feel much more confident in my driving abilities. As you both know, my background is in acrobatics. This course has filled many technical gaps that I had in stunt driving. The course outline was extremely comprehensive; ranging from knowledge that helps the average driver travel safer to specific car stunts at a typical job. In addition to the stunts itself, designated time was set aside to address how camera angles, safety and general car knowledge are an integral part of completing a successful stunt. I particularly responded well to the both of your style of teaching. Learning in a sit down class room environment, having demonstrations of each stunt, providing an abundance of behind the wheel practice and receiving instant feedback provided a great spectrum of learning. Thank you both for the incredible experience and contact me for Level II.

D.J. Surgent

Hey Roy, Mike This letter is long overdue but not forgotten I want to than both of you so much for a great experience with the cars it was 10x better than #### #### because of the constant, and I mean constant wheel time and one on one training you provided. I was able to hone in the driving techniques I've learned in the past as well as learn new ones (the high speed drifts were my favorite). The use of the rear wheeled drive cars provided a great perspective in the different handling techniques as well as the "set" cars. You've taught me a valuable lesson in rigging the "set" cars to achieve performance which I know I'll be able to use this pertinent information on the set. Most of all it was FUN, FUN, FUN you guys made it FUN and broke down techniques to the simplest form (so I could understand them).

Victor Chan

This class was awesome. I learned so much and had a great time just as advertised. These guys are patient, knowledgeable, and lots of fun ! Everyone felt comfortable and they took the time to make sure that everyone "got it". I have now a great handle on the basics and cant wait to expand ! Volkswagen may have Farfegnugen...but I have Farfelnugen. (Sorry Mike but Burkenugen just didn't work). Hope to see you guys soon ! Thanks again.

Jayson Vance

What an amazing experience. We spent almost the whole time behind the wheel which is exactly what I was looking for. I am not a professional or want to be stunt driver, just wanted to have fun and learn some things! Mike was the best, patient and a great teacher!

Tim Jaqua

Mike & Roy,
Thanks so much for having me down to Drivers East. What a blast!! I had no idea I was going to learn that many maneuvers in two days, the way the class is structured couldn't be more perfect and both of you guys have an amazing knack for giving the best explanation of things catered to each individual student....There was like no wasted time on "huh" moments. You guys could not have been more helpful and accommodating and I really appreciate that.

Jesse Roberts

Hey Guys! Just wanted to drop you a quick note from the set of Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. I'm now going into my 3rd month of filming, with a couple months left to go. This week we completed the final sequences in a major car chase, in which I was driving the lead (pursued) vehicle. It was thrilling, complicated, adrenaline-inducing, white knuckle experience. Wanted to let you guys know that your instruction was absolutely essential in my execution of this sequence. I have received great praise from my coordinators, the directors, and the executive producer. I hit all my marks, smashed nothing I wasn't instructed to smash, and did everything in 1 take that was critical to be done as such. I want all you guys to know that the private course I took with you was probably one of the best investments in myself and my career that I have made. The return, and confidence in competence, is immeasurable. When I return to the states, I definitely owe y'all a few beers...or sodas...whichever your preference! Hope see you for refreshers, or on a set in the near future. You guys rock, and that's a wrap!

Frank Blake