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Meet Your Instructors

Roy Farfel


For the last three-plus decades, Roy Farfel, has worked as both a stunt man and a stunt coordinator on feature films, television show, and commercials. In a business where experience counts and a person’s reputation precedes them, Roy has put together an impressive resume with over 400 credits and an outstanding safety record. Along with his many accolades, Roy is also an accomplished teacher.  As a co-founder of Drivers East he as helped people within the stunt business and outside the film industry safely and successfully perform driving stunts. With his many years of experience, practice and teaching, being a professional and getting the job done safely and efficiently have become second nature to Roy.

Mike Burke


Mike Burke has been a professional stunt driver for close to 20 years with over 200 film, television and commercial credits to date. He has built his career on an extensive 25+ year motor sports background in SCCA sanctioned competitions, demolition derbies and training at schools throughout the United States. Mike also has a technical degree in auto mechanics.  His understanding of the “how and why” of vehicles has aided him in accomplishing many vehicle stunts throughout his career. As well as being a professional stunt driver, Mike is also one of the co-founders of Drivers East, where he has helped to build one of the premier stunt driving schools and training facilities in the United States. Mike has performed slides, spins, turnovers, chases, jumps and crashes in high-pressure situations on some of the biggest sets in the country. Mike’s abilities and knowledge, along with his passion for motorsports, have helped him become an accomplished driver who takes pride in getting the job done safely and professionally. This has made him an asset to many productions.


Kevin Rogers


With a background of AMA motocross racing and competitive gymnastics, Kevin Rogers has been pursuing a career in the stunt industry since 2005. Soon after, in 2006, he started working at Drivers East.  With countless hours of practice and an intensely competitive spirit, he has earned the reputation as a car and motorcycle specialist. His professionalism and experience have helped him achieve an ever-growing list of over 150 film, television and commercial credits in his young career. Kevin is passionate about all forms of motorsports and racing, and when he is not hard at work he can be found honing his skills at the motocross track, club drifting events, and driving schools around the country.

Greg Harvey


Greg Harvey, Professional Stuntman, has been preforming stunts for over 17 years. Greg is always on point driving & sliding vehicles, as well as jumping, crashing and rolling them. In addition to stunt driving, Greg is more than proficient in all facets of stunts. Greg understands that only knowledge–but also ability and experience–are the keys to being a great stunt driver and stuntman.


Robbie Smith


Robbie Smith has worked as a professional stuntman in the United States since 2009, and around that time he was recruited by Drivers East. A police veteran from Australia, he brings with him real-world knowledge that translates uniquely into his instruction. Nicknamed “The Student Whisperer” if you’ve seen it in the movies, chances are Robbie has done it for real!

Robert Lee Harvey


Robert Lee Harvey is a well-rounded stuntman and coordinator with over 100 credits and over 10 years doing stunts for film and television. He made his first television appearance fire breathing on “The Late Show with David Letterman” in 2007. Robert studied theater and graduated from Pioneer Valley Preforming Arts. He started his career interest in stunts with live action stunt spectaculars and thrill shows. He has worked with every premier theme park company and popular circuses in North America. Robert was also a gymnast, circus and indoor skydiving coach. Robert is not shy teaching around high-adrenaline sports. His calm, clear and uplifting communication will keep you relaxed and focused on your goals as you slide a slab of steel sideways to accomplish 100% of the challenge with dexterity– and you will have a smile as you safely do so.  A former fire fighter with first responder training, Robert holds safety as his number one priority.  Robert has an extensive driving background from driving famed cars such as the Batmobile and the Back to the Future DeLorean on sets, to racing high price tag sports cars on the track or dirt. He has even crushed cars with a tank.  Instructing at Drivers East since 2012, Robert continues his knowledge for driving. He trains with a diverse number of driving courses and clinics and also enjoys sharing his personal tricks of the trade to help students become successful drivers.